Cynosa launched

Cynosa – our new, innovative silicon based liquid biostimulant is launched

Cynosa has been developed to enable growers to reduce or eliminate the use of fungicides. Our latest research led us to create a product designed to strengthen plants and protect them against fungal diseases. It is a perfect companion product to use alongside Maxstim’s other biostimulants to support crop development and growth throughout the plant’s life cycle. To demonstrate product efficacy, field testing has been underway in a variety of crops, and the first results are being reported. Overwhelmingly we’re being presented with evidence that Cynosa, used in conjunction with Maxstim biostimulants, is supporting the plant’s natural defences against these otherwise difficult to control stressors.

To find out the effect of Cynosa on peppers and cucumbers download the full report below.

Used in conjunction with Maxstim crops have had:

  • Significantly higher yield
  • Better resistance to disease and abiotic stress
  • Reduced use of fungicides
  • Stronger leaf and stem structure

Our trials are also demonstrating that the uptake of silicon by a plant is not necessarily related to the amount of silicon in the product. We now have evidence to show that the technology used to make the silicon easily available to the plant is responsible for its uptake and therefore effectiveness.

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