Maxstim appoints senior agronomist Tim Cannon

We are delighted that Tim Cannon has joined Maxstim as our new senior agronomist.

As we develop more effective and innovative complex biostimulants we need to continue increasing the agricultural expertise in our team. Tim has always been involved in farming; he spent 37 years growing turf and was a Crown Estate tenant for 23 years.

So why did he join Maxstim?
Tim is passionate about farming and said: “Agriculture is going through a period of pain – it is so hard to retain any margins and have a viable business now. I learnt about Maxstim whilst I was growing turf. Following some trials using these inputs I was able, for the first time ever, to achieve two turf crops within 18 months. That completely revolutionises the industry and its viability. Using biostimulants is a different way of growing crops and we need to get a greater understanding of the possibilities it brings.

The scientific knowledge and creativity Richard Salvage (Founder of Maxstim) has to bring these products to market inspired me so much that I asked to join the company. Farming and agriculture has to change and find a new way. Big supermarkets are now demanding information on all inputs and pricing pressures are increasing. On top of which farmers no longer get subsidies unless they have a sustainable approach. By 2024-2025 there will be no subsidies for UK agriculture. Thankfully some of the younger farmers and agronomists have a growing understanding of the damage from overuse of fertiliser is causing and they are likely to accelerate the adoption of more sustainable practices including biostimulants. Otherwise what future is there for agriculture and then how does that impact our food supply?

Maxstim made me realise that agriculture has hope.”

We’re excited to have Tim onboard to help drive further development, education and increase awareness of solutions for sustainable agriculture.


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