Maxstim is a scientifically-driven innovative organization responsible for developing a powerful range of complex biostimulants. We are trusted around the world by progressive agricultural growers through to leading sports venues. Our vision is to continue to build a powerful portfolio of products to enable sustainable agriculture, globally.

Why become a Maxstim product distributor?

Maxstim is fast becoming recognised as a leader in the field of complex biostimulants by delivering impressive results in trials and tests. Our distributors benefit from:

Our product range

Our product range covers sustainable solutions for agriculture, flower growers and professional turf. As well as our standard range we have now been awarded Ecocert certification and have released our first Organic Agriculture product.


Our approach to product development is driven by robust scientific research and development backed by solid commercial understanding. We have developed patent protected formulas and technologies which deliver positive financial gains for those who use them. We are excited by the results we are discovering in our labs and in field follow up trials helping us achieve a complete solution for sustainable agriculture.


All of our manufacturing and business processes operate to ISO 9001. Ecocert has approved our Organic Agriculture product. This means our distributors are reassured that our products meet all the necessary requirements of the appropriate directives in place.

Technical Support

Our team are on hand to provide all the technical information our distributors could need. Our international technical support extends to soil sampling, analysis and full diagnostics for all end users too.This provides a powerful opportunity to clearly demonstrate the challenges faced by growers and provide the solutions through trials.

Marketing Support

We support our distributors to help them sell. We share all of our marketing materials and case studies to enable them to demonstrate to their customers why Maxstim is the best choice. Very soon all distributors will have their own secure, exclusive access to our powerful portal which contains everything from imagery, product information and technical and scientific insight papers and reports. These can be co-branded and extend your own marketing collateral.