At Maxstim, we understand the unique challenges faced by turf growers like you.

That’s why we have formulated and field tested products specifically designed to enhance turf sod production, dramatically reduce time to harvest and significantly improve your bottom line.


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Maxstim for Turf

Maxstim for Turf is a complex biostimulant with a unique, patented, bioflavonoid enhanced formulation which positively influences key plant metabolic processes. Use Maxstim for Turf to see:

  • Reduced time to harvest
  • Increased root mass
  • Increase in plant growth and vigour
  • Nutrient use efficiency allowing a reduction of inputs, including nitrogen
  • Improves plant resistance to abiotic stress
  • Maxstim can be mixed and sprayed with your usual fertilisers and pesticides

Turf Rolls

£250,000 extra margin for every 100 hectares of turf grown.

That’s what Tim Cannon has been able to achieve using Maxstim complex biostimulants.

After years of research, we have managed to create the synergistic response required to enable turgrass to thrive.


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Maxstim delivers improved results for Turf Growers.

Our complex biostimulants are proven to achieve impressive results with our effective 6 step process. 


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Maxstim Turf achieves the most impressive results when used in combination with our unique silicon based product.

CynosaTM contains ortho silicic acid enabling plants to assimilate silicon to strengthen plant structures and increase resistance to disease. CynosaTM has been proven to improve abiotic stress management.

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