Microdochium in Turfgrass

We've been seeing increased levels of Microdochium in turfgrass in England recently and following this weekend's snow, more could become evident.

Microdochium patch is one of the most important diseases of turfgrass in temperate zones such as the British Isles and NW Europe due to the wet and mild conditions that can persist in these regions throughout the year. Most disease outbreaks occur between October and May when turf growth has slowed or become dormant. The most important climatic factors responsible for disease outbreaks include mild temperatures and wet conditions caused by light rain, high relative humidity, fog, and when heavy snow falls on unfrozen ground. Disease is most severe when snow falls on unfrozen turf, however, activity can occur without snow cover during cool (less than 15°C) wet weather.

Download our technical paper for insight on how to prevent Microdochium patches in the first place, or recover from it.

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