A new era of complex biostimulants

Technical report

Complex Biostimulants

The search for naturally occurring, highly active biostimulants for more sustainable agriculture

Our passion is to drive research, development and innovation towards a more sustainable way to practice agriculture, horticulture and turf management. Over recent years our CEO Richard Salvage has been on a mission to continue to improve the effectiveness of the complex biostimulants we manufacture. Having clearly identified that bioflavonoids and polyphenols are important bioactive components, he has now created a unique range of highly effective biostimulants. Alongside this, Maxstim has honed specific production techniques which increase, optimise and harness the abundance of these bioactive compounds. These are patented and have been named AmphenoxTM.

This exciting development heralds a new era of biostimulants for the future. We can demonstrate that AmphenoxTM is rich in secondary metabolites and highly active bioflavonoids which enable plants to turbocharge their immune systems and stimulate essential biochemical metabolic processes. This influences key functions such as growth, chlorophyll production, root development and stress management.

In this technical paper we share our detailed insight in to how we have evaluated AmphenoxTM, the results and our methodology for creating some of our products.

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