Increased profits on winter and spring wheat

Phenosa produces impressive trial data

Maxstim Phenosa
For robust evidence of the efficacy of our products we continually run trials. The data in this trial has been collated over 4 years. This was achieved trialling our biofertilizer, Phenosa which contains our patented technology AmphenoxTM.

Maxstim Phenosa

Winter & Spring Wheat


Data gathered over 4 years

  • A 6.7% yield increase on a 9.0t/ha crop produces an extra 600kg of wheat
  • Based on a price of £180/t this increases income by £108/ha
  • After deducting the cost of the Phenosa treatment this is an increase of £62/ha
  • Producing the same yield increase with 20% less nitrogen applied the increase in income increases to £88/ha (34.5% N based on £660/ton)
Phenosa wheat


Yields +6.7%

Margins +£62/ha

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