How Maxstim is aiding natural carbon capture


Carbon Capture

Maxstim complex biostimulants can increase carbon capture by supporting the establishment of more vigorous vegetation in green spaces and by significantly accelerating turf production. The increased leaf biomass will produce more oxygen while sequestering more CO2.

There are clear environmental advantages to introducing native plant life and biodiversity to an area. A thriving ecosystem means reduced erosion and runoff and therefore improved soil health and has a direct impact on the air we breathe.

Rising levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide, a result of greenhouse gas emissions, are a major concern in our current fight against climate change. One of the ways we can tackle this is by better understanding which of our actions result in additional sources of emissions, and reviewing the ways that carbon is stored and sequestered in natural habitats. If we can manipulate this to increase carbon uptake by ecosystems, this can be stored naturally within soils and vegetation.

There is scope for this even within an urban landscape, where it has been demonstrated that natural grass captures 90% of atmospheric carbon dioxide, followed by 9% by trees, and 1% by shrubs. One recent research paper documented that lawn grasses in a U.S. metropolitan area accounted for 50% of the carbon captured in the entire city.

How does Maxstim influence this?

Maxstim’s complex biostimulants are a natural way to support the production of turf, resulting in healthier more resilient turf.

It does this by improving:

  • efficiency in nitrogen use
  • seed germination
  • root development
  • resistance to stress

These benefits are reaped by improving the quality of the turf, but by also doubling the number of harvests to two crops in 18 months. This creates more possibilities to support the installation of green spaces, and potentially double the area that can effectively capture atmospheric carbon. The longer the plant is established the more carbon is returned to the soil; and turf treated by Maxstim has improved root systems and stress resistance enabling it to establish more easily. Our complex biostimulants ensure growers are able to produce a higher quality crop in a shorter time which has a positive effect on the ecosystem.

More about Maxstim Turf

Used by turf growers across the globe, Maxstim turf has been formulated to achieve healthier and stronger turf for a more attractive and robust surface that’s resilient to wear and tear.

Maxstim Turf

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