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Kevin Day, Course Manager at Hersham Golf Club had been looking for a natural way to treat their greens. They had been suffering from shallow rooting and were looking for a way to make the root systems stronger and the greens healthier whilst using natural products.

Since using Maxstim they saw a noticeable difference after just 2 applications, now they can see their roots are improved and greens are healthier.

Results show:

  • Increased roots
  • Healthier appearance
  • Reduced stress and disease

Product: Maxstim for Professional Sports Turf

When: October 2019

Where: Hersham Golf Club

Application rate: 20 litres per hectare

An example of the improved root structure on the green at Hersham Golf Club

Larger roots

Visibly healthier greens

A green at Hersham Golf Club showing visibly healthier turf

“I love the product, it has helped the course over the past two years and honestly can confirm it is down to Maxstim. Far better rooting, less stress and disease and a reduction in other inputs saving the club money. The product is always consistent and very easy to use, being in the industry for 37 years I know a good product when I see one, I will be using Maxstim for the long term.”

Kevin Day, Course Manager at Hersham Golf Club

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