Chantilly Race Course

Chantilly Race Course, France

France Galop trialled Maxstim on Chantilly Race Course, home of the French Derby and also the Prix de L’arc de Triomphe for 2016. Pre-trial France Galop had two stated aims, to stimulate significant new root growth and to massively boost the health of the plant. After just two treatments there was a significant development of new white roots, a noticeable ‘green up’ in the treated area, and the plant was vibrant and ‘ standing up’.

After just 2 treatments:

  • Significant new white root development in a short space of time
  • The Sward tillered out and the plant became far more rigid
  • A 50% increase in Chlorophyll levels

Product: Maxstim for Professional Sports Turf

Where: Chantilly Race Course, France

When: July & August 2015



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