Millennium Stadium

Cardiff, Wales

Millenium Stadium logo

The national stadium for Wales. It has one of the most demanding pitches to care for in the UK, due to high stands and a closed roof creating a challenging microclimate. The heavy rugby schedule also see regular scrummages put extra pressure on the turf, leading to compacted soil underfoot and shallow roots. Maxstim has helped roots grow longer and denser, allowing for stronger plants and healthier growth, even in October, when roots traditionally shrink, rather than grow.

In just 12 days:

  • Denser root mass
  • Increased root growth
  • Enhanced turf appearance
  • Roots have grown not shrunk despite cooler October climate

Product: Maxstim for Professional Sports Turf

Where:Cardiff, Wales

Time: October 2013

Groundskeeper for the Milennium stadium happily holding a sample of turf showing improved root structure

Dense root mass

Lush green turf

The pitch at millenium stadium showing healthy turf after Maxstim biostimulants were used to improve root growth

“I’ve never seen such a big improvement in such a short period of time; it’s amazing. I never get that much root growth in a whole year!”

Lee Evans, Head Groundsman, Millennium Stadium

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