Healthier brighter Aubergines

Al Ejido, Spain

Alberto Garcia farms in Spain were looking to increase the quality and quantity over their previous year’s Aubergine crop. January is one of the coldest months for growing in the region with weekly harvests producing a big difference in yield from one week to the next.

The aim was to get a consistent harvest with a higher yield, so targets for the trial were set at above 1,000 kg per week for a 2,700m2 growing area, with results monitored through January. Previous years often fell short of this target so would applying Maxstim have an uplift?

Aubergine Trial Results:

  • 27% yield increase on target
  • Healthier, brighter fruits
  • Consistent quality, regular harvest

Product: Maxstim

When: Winter

Where: Al Ejido, Spain

Application rate:
10L per hectare every 15 days

After 3 weeks from cutting the plant was flowering again

27% more yield than the target

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