Aubergine trial 50% more

El Ejido, Spain

Francisco Rubio grows ‘Telma’ variety Aubergines on his farm in El Ejido, Spain and was looking to increase the health of his yield to encourage more profitable high-quality fruit. He set up the trial using Maxstim on the plants in his oldest greenhouse where the soil is tired and used the new greenhouse to compare the results.

Once the first application was made the farmer removed the plant leaves to encourage growth in the existing fruit this, unfortunately, puts the plants into a stressful situation.

However, after 2 applications of Maxstim, the plants started recovering from this stress and new leaves started to appear.

The end result was 50% more harvest.

Trial Results:

  • Up to 50% increase in yield
  • Better quality plants
  • Quicker recovery from stress
Product: Maxstim


El Ejido, Spain

Application rate:
10 litres every 15 days

New flowers ready for the next surge of fruits

Harvest produced a 50% increase in yield

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