Bok Choy Trial

Van Kempen Farms, Ontario Canada

Van Kempen Farms grow their Bok Choy under a tunnel system and wanted to see what effect Maxstim would have on the health and quality of their plants. With a short turnaround on the lifecycle of the crop of just 5-6 weeks, they planted the seeds and kicked off the trial with the first application of Maxstim.

Applications were made after 1 week of planting the seeds, and again after 10 days at 4L per acre. During the trial the plants treated with Maxstim had thicker stems and the leaves were noticeably greener.

At harvest the grower was pleased that the Maxstim treated crops showed improved health and denser root development.

Plants benefit by:

  • Denser roots
  • Thicker stems and greener leaves
  • Healthier produce

Product: Maxstim for Root Vegetables & Alliums

When: Autumn

Van Kempen Farms, Ontario Canada

Application rate:
4L per acre 1 week after sowing, then another treatment after 10 days



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