Why crop application methods matter

Trial Data

Onions drip irrigation

A major benefit of our biostimulant formulas is that they are easily incorporated into existing growing protocols. However, our agronomists have identified that certain application methods are more successful than others, and that by sticking to the regimes we recommend, more significant improvements are achieved.

A recent trial on brown onions has neatly demonstrated the importance of a consistent application method.

What we did

This trial consisted of three treatment groups:

  • A control group using current best practice
  • Treatment 1: Maxstim Agriculture+ and Cynosa applied through a tape irrigation system
  • Treatment 2: Maxstim Agriculture+ and Cynosa applied at sowing

What we used

Agriculture+ is a complex biostimulant with a wide range of bioactive components including our unique bioflavonoids and polyphenols, creating better root development and early growth. Read more about Agriculture+ here

Cynosa™ contains ortho silicic acid enabling plants to assimilate silicon to strengthen plant structures and increase resistance to disease. Read more about Cynosa here

The results

Onion treatment results

These results clearly demonstrate the efficacy of our formulas. A significant difference is seen even after only one application. We know from other studies and trials that applying Maxstim treatments to newly drilled seed or planted sets will have the biggest effect on those treated plants. However, if growers want to see more impressive results, a consistent application protocol is recommended.

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