How to improve your cherry tomato crop


Cherry Tomatoes and Maxstim Organic Agriculture+

Maxstim’s Organic Agriculture+ is a complex biostimulant with a unique formula containing bioflavonoids and polyphenols. It’s designed to support the growth and development of a crop throughout its life cycle.

Many trials have been conducted on a variety of crops to investigate how the consistent application of this innovative biostimulant formulation affects harvests.

Trial details.

One of these trials was performed on a crop of cherry tomatoes (Delisher and Piccolo variety) that were being grown in a hydroponic system. The plants were treated with 2.5L/ha of Organic Agriculture+, which was applied every 10 days until they were ready to harvest.

The results showed that, compared to control plants, those treated with Organic Agriculture+ had:

  • a significant increase in weight, length and diameter
  • a larger stem diameter
  • a greater density of leaf colour
  • a higher brix count
  • fewer cracked tomato fruits

Delisher chart

Brix Delisher

Maxstim Organic Agriculture+ is proven to be as effective as our Agriculture+ formula. There is ever-growing evidence that demonstrates higher and superior quality yields are achievable with its consistent use in the field.

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