Is low market demand and stock management in turf eroding your margins?


Faster Turf Harvests

We talk to turf growers globally on a regular basis and reports are showing turf sod stock levels are currently high.

This indicates a potential oversupply situation that leads to downward pressure on prices. Put simply, growers are at the mercy of the fluctuations in supply and demand.

Many turf growers choose to continue sowing to be ready to respond when market demand does change, but at what cost to the business? If the market demand for turf is slow, the cost of maintaining the crop for an extended period erodes margins again and does not remove the overstocked position.


This causes challenges including:

  • Extra time required for the additional maintenance
  • Extra input costs
  • Ageing of stock
  • Pressure on turf pricing

Older stock tends to have higher levels of thatch, complicating the harvesting process and further diminishing crop quality and margins.

Maxstim offers turf growers the advantage

In these market conditions, Maxstim complex biostimulants offer a huge advantage to growers. Knowing Maxstim can accelerate the growth and development of turf, growers have the potential to harvest within 7 to 10 months from sowing, saving both time and money.

See the results for yourself

Maxstim gives growers the option to delay sowing until market demand shifts. While most growers typically require 12-18 months to respond to market changes, Maxstim empowers them to adopt a more agile approach to sowing. This flexibility mitigates the risk of reduced margins on ageing stock, ensuring a more sustainable and profitable turf management strategy.

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