Exceptional early root mass development in turf sod

If you want to harvest your turf sod within 8 months, you have to have early and robust root development. Our field sampling shows the impact one of our new customers is experiencing now he is applying Maxstim Turf product to his crop.

The video below shows samplings from their recent sowings. Usually it takes between 12-16 months to harvest a turf sod crop. Using Maxstim Turf, this crop is showing exceptional root mass and development in just 10-16 weeks! This suggests that two crops can be achieved in 12-14 months.

In addition to the root results, this grower has reduced their nitrogen inputs by half.

Watch this 3 minute video to see the exceptional results yourself. If you want to discuss how our Maxstim Turf product could benefit your business, get in touch with our turf specialists to discuss a new regime for your next crop.

Tim Cannon
Email: tim.cannon@maxstim.com
Mobile: 07884 586191

Tony Kelly
Email: tony.kelly@maxstim.com
Mobile: 07974 435417

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