Farnham Golf Club sees a 52% increase in root length across all treated greens

Case study

Golf Course Surveys and Treatments

Maxstim now partners with numerous golf clubs across the UK and Europe helping them to grow, maintain and improve their courses providing superior root length development and protection from disease. Our local course, Farnham Golf Club has undertaken an extensive Maxstim application program that has seen impressive results over the past few years.

Prior to the introduction of the treatment programme, extensive root surveys were sampled across the whole course, in areas that were designated to be a control or treated with Maxstim complex biostimulants. These measures were repeated in June 2022.

A spraying programme of 20 L/ha for Maxstim for Sport and 4 L/ha of Cynosa was applied fortnightly during growing months and monthly during dormancy.

Core Measurement Results

Core measurements showed an overall increase of 52% in root length, which was a significantly larger development than control areas.

The benefits of an improved root length include:

  • Increased plant health
  • Better endurance of stress and disease
  • Improved plant colour
  • Reduction in additional nitrogen applications
  • Reduced use of fungicide treatments


The combined use of Maxstim Sport Turf and Cynosa means golf courses can achieve significantly improved root length, and subsequently healthier and more resilient turf.

“Thank you for steering me towards your excellent product and yes, we are definitely seeing some excellent results.”

Rupert Lawrence
Head Green Keeper, Farnham Golf Club

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