Puttenham Golf Course

Case Study

Puttenham Golf Course sees a 26% increase in root length in just 6 months on all greens treated with Maxstim products

Puttenham Golf Course is one of our customers on the ever-growing roster of golf clubs, in the UK and Europe, who use Maxstim Sports Turf and Cynosa.

Following a recording breaking hot summer in 2022, the ability for the turf to bounce back from drought stress is often highlighted as a main priority for greenkeepers. With this in mind we designed the following trial in June 2022 with a small number of greens being identified as the most challenging:

Puttenham Maxstim trial details

20L of Maxstim Sports Turf was sprayed fortnightly to help increase root development and plant health.

2L of Cynosa was sprayed monthly to increase sward coverage, harden the blade and increase robustness of the plant.

Observed benefits of using Maxstim Sports Turf and Cynosa include:

  • A noticeable improvement of the greens within 4-6 weeks
  • Visibly stronger looking turf that is more resistant to heavy footfall
  • Improved root length and mass
  • A reduced need for temporary tees and hole changes
  • Significant water savings
  • Noticeable increase in chlorophyll production
  • Reduced NPK input
Root core analyses

Root core analyses were carried out on both controlled and treated greens prior to treatment in June, and then repeated in August and November, showing a larger percentage increase on those areas treated with Maxstim Sports Turf and Cynosa.

“I’ve been searching for a product that helps me with all plant development, that is versatile and fully tank mixable, helping reduce my overall inputs has not only helped my budget but is delivering the results I wanted. I will be using Maxstim for the long term and would be happy to recommend to my fellow greenkeepers.”

Liam Mulkerrins
Head Greenkeeper at Puttenham Golf Club, with 17 years in the golf industry

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