Cherry Tomato Trials

El Ejido, Spain

The Market for Cherry Tomatoes is very select in El Ejido, Spain so being able to consistently produce high-quality fruits is very important for growers. Gabriel Fernandez farms ‘Juanita’ Cherry Tomatoes in wool rock via a hydroponic system and was searching for an alternative to their current biostimulant product which was soon to be unobtainable.

They decided to try Maxstim and compare the results.

Trial Results:

  • Higher Brix levels
  • Fruit taste sweeter
  • Better performing alternative

Product: Maxstim

When: Winter

Where: El Ejido, Spain

Application rate: 2.5L per hectare every 10 days

Maxstim still outperforms alternative biostimulant treatments

Produces consistant size and high quality fruit

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