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Trial Data

Root development in potatoes
A major benefit of using Maxstim products is significant root mass increase.

The data in this trial has been gathered across crops of Red Baron and Julia onions in the UK. Better root development has a big impact on the plant’s ability to seek nutrients, moisture and withstand abiotic stress.

We are not just looking for primary root development to improve anchorage. We want to fundamentally change the plant’s root architecture by promoting the initiation of a larger number of new white roots, significantly increasing the total root surface area.

Not only does this give better access to all the key inputs but will greatly improve the interaction with the soil microbiome. Changing the way a plant develops its root system can fundamentally affect the whole rhizosphere.

Rye grass comparison

How Maxstim affects root development

Maxstim bioactive components greatly influences root architecture by promoting lateral growth. This has been measured quantitively by our research team, using fractal analysis, where significant root length, number of tips and the number of forks present were significantly increased compared to untreated plants.

The same significant improvements can be observed in a range of plants, from those used in amenities and in crops, from numerous field trials:

root observations table

Raspberry Trial – Portugal

plant root development
Plants treated with Maxstim had a significant increase in their root systems, you can see clearly how strong and dense they are growing compared to the control plants.

The benefits of improved root development are:
  • Superior overall plant health
  • Improved nutrient use efficiency
  • Better resistance to stress and disease
  • More foliage
  • Increased crop yield

Maxstim provides a significant increase in root mass

Maxstim complex biostimulants improve root development for a large variety of plants, encouraging quick development of new and denser roots and improving plant health.

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