MycorSystem by Maxstim

Bottle of Maxstim MycorSystem biostimulant developed for turf and blueberry growers

A new treatment designed and proven to inoculate and improve the microbial structure of the soil.

We are tapping into a symbiotic relationship that has existed for millions of years between plants and mycorrhizae fungi. Working together with the plant to create a synergistic relationship providing an active environment for growth.

The blend of natural ingredients in MycorSystem allows these microscopic fungi to go to work immediately by attaching themselves to the seed or plant roots and creating a network of communication between plants and their growing environment.

Mycorsystem for BerriesPouch of Maxstim MycorSystem for blueberries

Mycorsystem Berries Sachet

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  • Inoculates the rhizosphere with the combination of specially prepared ericoid mycorrhizae and growth promoting bacteria with a Maxstim biostimulant formulation.
  • Creates a synergistic effect inducing a dramatic response from blueberry plants.
  • Stimulates the plants metabolic processes for greater yield, and brix levels in blueberries.
  • Creates symbiosis in the substrate between blueberry roots and the microbiome stimulates the root development.
  • Greater efficiency to absorb nutrients and water which increases the chances of survival when transplanting young nursery plants.
Before Comparison one
After Comparison two


  • Use when turfing, seeding, top-dressing or over-dressing and repairing
  • More nutrients are absorbed by the plants for a more stable, dense sports surface
  • Produces a healthy surface with uniform growth
  • Enables fast recovery and less erosion from damage
  • Use when turfing, seeding, top-dressing or over-dressing and repairing
  • More nutrients are absorbed by the plants for a more stable, dense sports surface
  • Produces a healthy surface with uniform growth
  • Enables fast recovery and less erosion from damage

Mycorsystem for Sport

Maxstim MycorSystem for sports turf which is designed to improve root structure

Mycorsystem Sport Tub

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Close up of sports turf treated with Maxstim Biostimulants

Why people love Maxstim

"I am happy with the results, the fruits are of good quality and I am very pleased that we have significantly increased our harvest."

Raimundo | Alberto Garcia Farms

"I love the product, it has helped the course over the past two years and honestly can confirm it is down to Maxstim. Far better rooting, less stress and disease and a reduction in other inputs saving the club money. The product is always consistent and very easy to use, being in the industry for 37 years I know a good product when I see one, I will be using Maxstim for the long term."

Kevin Day | Hersham Golf Club

"It soon became evident that the tomatoes I had treated with Maxstim were considerably larger, up to 20%, but with no loss of flavour. Earlier and more uniformed ripening was noticed too and general plant health was excellent. Based on the trial results I quickly started applying Maxstim to the whole farm. I’ve noticed Maxstim had a more pronounced effect with young developing plants and with fewer fruit required to get to the 450g punnet size, I’ve already built Maxstim into my budget going forward."

John Jones | Guy and Wright Tomatoes

"Maxstim took 60 core samples throughout all our greens both before Maxstim was applied and afterwards. This gave me a total understanding of the impact of Maxstim upon our root system. I did not expect to see an overall increase of 36% in depth and at this time of year. I am very, very impressed with Maxstim and will continue to use it."

Alejandro Reyes | Golf Course and Real Estate Manager | Le Golf National

"Rooting has always been an issue, this is due to a root shear - peat layer that has been present for over 20 years. We have always struggled to get roots down and break through this layer, this year we did break through and the only thing different is Maxstim. Not just great for rooting, it has improved the visual appearance and has reduced our water inputs due to the plants efficiency...piece of cake to use...very impressed."

Gareth Austin | Course Manager | Stoke Rochford

"As we watched the trial progress, everything about the treated plants looked far greater than the control plants. Not only were they more robust, but their colouring and root mass were better too. What also took me by surprise was the weight of the treated plants; they had a much denser mass, which would make them hardier plants in our customers' gardens."

Manager | Gouldings Garden Centre

"I've been searching for a product that helps me with all plant development, that is versatile and fully tank mixable. Helping reduce my overall inputs has not only helped my budget but is delivering the results I wanted. I will be using Maxstim for the long term and would be happy to recommend to my fellow greenkeepers."

Liam Mulkerrins | Head Greenkeeper | Puttenham Golf Club

"Thank you for steering me towards your excellent product and yes, we are definitely seeing some excellent results."

Rupert Lawrence | Head Green Keeper | Farnham Golf Club

"Our field trial results on blueberries show that we can get the roots to develop much faster, nearly doubling the yield over five years. It’s not all about the yield - the berries are more uniform, larger, better quality with significantly higher BRIX values and a longer shelf life. Allin all, using Maxstim means growers will achieve a very significant increase in profit. Every grower will want Maxstim."

Peter van Dijk | Wijstwater Advies