Maxstim’s Role in Global Food Security

Innovative solutions are needed to ensure that there will be adequate global food security and food supply in the future.

Previously we’ve discussed some of the issues that are already affecting the many processes within our food system, including a changing climate, a growing population and unstable economies. Read our discussion here.

Farmer applying biostimulants to crops to increase growth

When considering what can be done to ensure food security, it is important that we use our technologies and understanding of the impact our actions can have on the environment and seek sustainable solutions. Maxstim is already in a good position to take on an ambitious role in improving global food security with proven highly bioactive formulations, reducing the environmental impact of overuse of fertilisers and plant protection products.

As a leading innovator in this area of biostimulants development and understanding, we already have a large breadth of knowledge about the complex synergistic relationships between different plant biostimulants and how best to deploy them.

Maxstim products are already shown to be:


  • Sustainable for the planet

Our biostimulants contain natural plant extracts, improve soil health and reduce the need for damaging and artificial inputs that may harm the biodiversity of the soil and connected environments

  • Increasing crop yield and efficiency of the crop growing process

Following application guidelines, Maxstim formulas have repeatedly shown an improvement in root development, chlorophyll production, faster growing times, and better crop yields across a wide range of plants

  • Supporting crop growth through changing growing circumstances

Plants treated with Maxstim products are more resilient to disease, drought, and other stressors that they may face as we start to feel the increasing effects of climate change in decreasing availability of agricultural land.

The team behind Maxstim already understand many of the considerations for future global food security solutions.

Combining a wealth of knowledge covering biostimulants, bioactive compounds and plant research, with a strong background in the agricultural industry, our innovative and curious research team ensure our formulas are constantly developing with a growing foundation of understanding.

Maxstim is well placed within this sector to make a large impact in how we tackle the impending agricultural challenges using tried and tested, natural and safe technologies.

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