How biostimulants can support farmers in global food security, sustainability and competitiveness

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Crop spraying with biostimulants

The European Biostimulant Industry Council (EBIC) recently published an update on its involvement in the newly-established EU Strategic Dialogue on the Future of Agriculture.

This new forum, which had its first meeting on 25 January 2024, was set up to ‘shape a shared vision for the future of the EU’s farming and food system’. ‘The Dialogue’, as it is referred to, recognises that ‘productivity is under severe pressure by climate change, and severe weather.’

What are the challenges and opportunities in EU farming?

According to The Dialogue these are:

  • How to give farmers a fair standard of living;
  • How agriculture can be supported within the boundaries of our planet and ecosystem;
  • How to make the better use of opportunities offered by knowledge and technological innovation;
  • How to promote a bright and thriving future for Europe’s food systems.

As part of their contribution to discussions around the challenges and opportunities in agriculture, EBIC is suggesting the Commission ‘consider the involvement of proven innovative input sectors, such as the plant biostimulant industry.’

How can Maxstim’s complex biostimulants support growers through these challenges?

Through our research and experience, using Maxstim’s products can:

  • Significantly improve the yield of a crop;
  • Improve the quality of a crop;
  • Grow more vigorous and healthier plants;
  • Reduce the need for additional costly traditional inputs
  • Enable nutrient use efficiency;
  • Improve tolerance to abiotic stressors

We have compelling trial data on a range of crops including: turf grass, potatoes, onions, sugar beet, cherry tomatoes, wheat, peppers, lettuce, grapes, blueberries and raspberries.

Learn more:
Turf catalogue trial data
Agriculture+ catalogue trial data

Moving forward

In future meetings, EBIC intend to raise discussions around:

  • How the EU can enable agrifood innovations to reach farmers, so that all growers have fair and equal access;
  • How the EU should provide a framework that will allow growers to have more freedom to tailor farming practices for their own crops, soils, climate, customers etc;
  • How the EU should ensure that its policies and regulations are driving progress and competition.
Maxstim is a leader in biostimulant design and a member of the EBIC. We believe in supporting, contributing and aligning ourselves with influential organisations like EBIC to promote awareness, development and innovation in sustainable agriculture.

Source: Dialogue on the future of EU agriculture

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