Consistent yield increase on sugar beet over 4 years

Maxstim Phenosa is an advanced biofertiliser designed to increase crop yield and improve plant resistance to climate-related stress. This innovative product comes in two parts: specific bacteria species to help gain access to nutrients and a liquid biostimulant to boost crop performance. It is intended to work alongside traditional fertilisers and other inputs.

Sugar Beet and Phenosa

This has been demonstrated in a series of field trials. With 4 years’ worth of data, we can demonstrate a significant increase in sugar beet yield.

  • The yield had a large range but created an average increase of 7% when using Maxstim Phenosa compared to control plots.
  • An average control plot generated 75t/ha, and test plots resulted in a clean beet increase of 5.25t/ha.
  • Sugar beet was priced at £40/t at 16% sugar content meaning the grower had an increase in income of £210/ha.

By using Maxstim Phenosa in the spring of each year, after the cost of the product was deducted, the grower increased their margin for sugar beet by £164/ha.

These increases are greater than the averages quoted by Farmer’s Weekly for years 2019-2021.

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