Maxstim products use natural ingredients that maximise a plants ability to survive and thrive. We specialise in developing plant biostimulants, bioactives and complex treatments that work to support the plant's natural processes.

Our products are used in the sports amenity, commercial agriculture and horticulture sectors across the globe.

Containing only naturally occurring ingredients, Maxstim products enhance crops and turf health and leave no residual build up in the soil or plant.



  • Can increase root systems by 300%
  • Combination of Mycorrhizae and Maxstim creates a synergistic effect
  • Increases nutrient uptake, more roots and new shoots
  • Uniform growth for healthy plants
  • Treatments are available for sports surfaces, agriculture crops or ornamental plants

Maxstim for Sports

  • For a more attractive and robust playing surface
  • Roots develop more mass and depth
  • Thicker, denser more colourful sward
  • Faster recovery from stress, wear and tear
  • Improved natural resistance to pests and disease
  • Reduction of NPK and other inputs

Maxstim for Ornamental Growers

  • Produce better quality plants
  • Increase your speed to market
  • Reduce wastage
  • Charge more for your plants
  • Keep displays looking better for longer

Maxstim for Farmers

  • Maximise marketable yields
  • Increase frequency of crop cycles
  • Improve the quality and value of crops
  • Increase hardiness and reduce wastage
  • Save money on nutrients and other inputs