Rentes Plants

Multi award winning trade nursery with 17 acres of potted shrubs, climbers, trees and conifers.

500 plants were treated with Maxstim, compared to 1500 plants treated with the market leading chemical for the control of Pythium. Both batches were held in the same block of the same tunnel and given identical amounts of ventilation, heat, sunlight and other growing conditions and medium.

Gouldings Garden Centre

Garden centre in the Clyde Valley selling a wide variety of plants and trees.

All plants undergoing the Maxstim trial were treated alongside identical control samples. They were all kept on a garden patio and exposed to the same levels of sunlight and weather conditions. The plants each received 200ml water daily.

Christmas Tree Grower

All three types of fir tree cultivated by this Irish grower were treated with Maxsim and observed alongside control samples. A particular sign of successful growth in young fir trees is an increased number of four-cone clusters at the top. The treated specimens displayed significantly more four-cone clusters than their control counterparts, revealing their enhanced health.