Swansea City already use Maxstim at the Liberty Stadium, having achieved such great results decided to use it as part of an ongoing maintenance programme on their training pitches. On the16th June, 30L of Maxstim per pitch was applied before seeding with a second application of 30L per hectare once 9 days old. After just 14 days the pitches had 98% sward coverage, with a healthy, green plant which showing a 14cm root with significant root mass. After such a short time it was clear Maxstim would help the pitches to cope with stress and deliver quicker recovery times.


In just 14 days

Accelerated seed germination, only 4 days
Healthy, green rigid plants
Significant root mass giving a sturdier, more stable playing surface
98% sward coverage
Product: Maxstim for Professional Sports Turf
Where:Swansea City, Training Grounds
Time:July 2016
Application rate:30L per pitch prior to seeding followed by 30L per hectare after 9 days
Pitch - pre seeding
From seed
98% sward after 14 days
Seed to 14cm - denser roots
Complete vibrant coverage after 27 days
Impressive root mass

I love the Maxstim product! It does so much and all from one bottle. It gives me great roots, vibrant healthy plants with great sward and colour. The pitches cope really well with stress and recover very quickly.

Anthony Harry, Head Groundsman - Swansea Training Ground