Tomato Trial in Morocco

Agadir, Morocco

A trial was conducted by a large commercial grower in one greenhouse in Morocco. Results were compared to control plants. The grower wanted to increase the root mass to help his young plants to establish themselves quickly, transplant easily and build up their immune systems. The grower reported significant improvements in both root and vegetative growth, compared to the control plants.

Maxstim helped to deliver:

  • Marked increase in leaf colour
  • Improved plant vitality and growth
  • Enhanced root mass
  • Better resistance to stress
  • Reduction of other inputs

Product: Maxstim for Salad vegetables and Brassicas


Agadir, Morocco

Time: January to March 2014

No. of applications:
3 applications over 5 weeks

Application rate:
10ltrs per hectare


With Maxstim

“In just three days, there was a marked increase in the plants’ leaf colour and vitality. Previously, I have relied on chemical products to maintain healthy stress levels in my tomato plants. Now, by switching to Maxstim, I can use far fewer chemical products on my crops.”

Tomato Farmer, Agadir, Morocco

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