Rose Trials

South America & Africa

In recent trials on roses in both South America and Africa our growers have noticed the plants treated with Maxstim were able to manage stress caused by mildew.

Maxstim works to enhance a plants key processes, additional energy increase growth and helps plants manage stress to ensure they grow healthier. Starting at the roots, Maxstim encourages better development and white roots to produce more resilient plants. In the trials we are seeing increased growth, larger buds and taller stems plus a greater tolerance to stress all leading to an improved harvest.

Results from trials:

  • Larger buds
  • Taller, thicker stems
  • Increased productivity
  • Better resilience

Product: Maxstim

All year round

South America & Africa

Application rate:
Initial application at 10 litres for 3 applications, then 10 litres per hectare every four weeks

Stems are up to 10% taller and 2mm thicker

Maxstim treated roses have less mildew

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