Potato Trial

Vaughan Farms, UK

Peter Vaughan of Vaughan Farms trialled Maxstim on his potato fields, applying it by foliar spraying 2 times over the season. After just 1 application he started to notice the plants were greener and more chlorophyll rich. By harvest time he had grown strong, heahlty plants which produce a greater yield.

Data from replicated trials show that Maxstim not only increased marketable yield but it also out performs other agrochemical treatments. Being a viable natural alternative, it improves the health of potato plants with added benefits like;

  • Increased chlorophyll production
  • Healthy plant growth
  • Increased marketable yield

Trial Results:

  • Plants visibly greener after 1 application
  • Stronger roots
  • More resistance to stress
  • Increase in yield

Product: Maxstim for Root Vegetables & Alliums

Where: Vaughan Farms, UK

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