Hydroponic Tomatoes

Lerapetra, Crete, Greece

Tomatoes cultivated in water using innovative hydroponic and substrate growing techniques.

A hydroponic tomato grower had concerns over unsatisfactory root mass, leaf growth and overall plant vigour. Once Maxstim was added to his programme he saw visible improvements to the root mass in just two to three days. This stimulated growth and improved health across the whole plant.

In just 3 days:

  • Increased root mass
  • Higher yields
  • Healthier plants
  • Improved leaf growth
  • More efficient nutrient intake

Product: Maxstim for Salad vegetables and Brassicas

Plants: Tomatoes

Where: Lerapetra, Crete, Greece

Time: September 2013

No. of applications: 2 applications

Application rate: 0.1% solution: 500ml water + 500ml Maxstim

Healthier plants

“Using Maxstim increased the root mass of my tomato plants significantly, saving my crops and ensuring a high, profitable yield. I would recommend it to anyone.”

Mr Liontakis, Hydroponic Tomato Farmer, Crete, Greece

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