Guy and Wright - Tomatoes

Hertfordshire, UK

Guy & Wright was founded in 1928 by Mr Guy, his great grandson John Jones has taken the family business forward with successful and innovative new farming techniques and has become a front runner in creating a ‘Green’ business. Searching for more ways to improve their crops, John was keen to trial Maxstim on their Eclipse variety.

He instantly noticed the younger plants developed more quickly and was able to meet the supermarket punnet weight requirements with fewer fruits.

Using Maxstim, they noticed:

  • Earlier ripening
  • Increased yield
  • Larger tomatoes
  • Fruit quality remained high

Product: Maxstim for Salads & Brassicas

Where: Hertfordshire, UK

Application rate: Applied through the drip lines at 10L per hectare, every 10 days from mid-March

Stronger plant stems with more fruit production and uniformity

You can see much denser fruits on the plants on the right-hand side which have been treated with Maxstim for salads and Brassicas. These have ripened quicker and larger, making a successful crop.

“It soon became evident that the tomatoes I had treated with Maxstim were considerably larger, up to 20%, but with no loss of flavour. Earlier and more uniformed ripening was noticed too and general plant health was excellent. Based on the trial results I quickly started applying Maxstim to the whole farm. I’ve noticed Maxstim had a more pronounced effect with young developing plants and with fewer fruit required to get to the 450g punnet size, I’ve already built Maxstim into my budget going forward.”

John Jones, Guy & Wright

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