Gouldings Garden Centre

Clyde Valley, Scotland

Garden centre in the Clyde Valley selling a wide variety of plants and trees.

All plants undergoing the Maxstim trial were treated alongside identical control samples. They were all kept on a garden patio and exposed to the same levels of sunlight and weather conditions. The plants each received 200ml water daily.

In 10 days:

  • Plants were larger and heavier
  • Retained water more effectively
  • More attractive appearance
  • Colourful, larger foliage
  • Better resistance to pests & diseases

Product: Maxstim for Ornamentals

Osmanthus Heterdhyllus Goshiki, Euonymus Japonicus Paloma Blanca, Acer Palmatum Butterfly, Cotoneaster Coral Beauty, Hebe Pinguifolia Pagei & Euonymus Emeralds Gold

Clyde Valley, Scotland

Summer 2014

No. of applications:
3 applications spread over 10 days

Larger and heavier

Increased root mass

More attractive appearance

Large foliage

“As we watched the trial progress, everything about the treated plants looked far greater than the control plants. Not only were they more robust, but their colouring and root mass were better too. What also took me by surprise was the weight of the treated plants; they had a much denser mass, which would make them hardier plants in our customers’ gardens.”

Manager, Gouldings Garden Centre

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