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After experiencing another season losing part of the hydroponic crop to disease, Jamie DiNiro at DiNiro Farms decided to trial Maxstim on part of his English variety and mini cucumber plot.

Plants that were treated with Maxstim showed healthier growth, stronger roots and lots more foliage. The seasons cucumber yield was high quality and the plants had less disease seen in previous crops with less than 1% waste.

With Maxstim they saw:

  • More roots and foliage
  • Healthy plants
  • High quality cucumbers
  • Increase in marketable produce

Product: Maxstim

Where: Leamington, Canada

Application rate: 3 applications at 4L per acre – the first immediately after planting and the others at 14-day intervals

Two images, one showing a cucumber plant with wilted, unhealthy leaves before it was treated with Maxstim biostimulants and one showing the plant with healthy leaves and bigger vegetables after being treated with Maxstim biostimulants


The previous seasons cucumber harvest had major loses due to disease.


Now plants grow stronger and can resist biotic and abiotic stress.

“The crop looks very healthy; the cucumbers are hardier and crunchier than the control. The roots look good. Maxstim definitely has a big impact on plant health on this farm. In addition, Maxstim application has reduced the wastage which we’ve seen in previous seasons. I’ll be using Maxstim going forward on my crops.”

Jamie DiNiro, Owner of DiNiro Farms

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Blueberry tree after it has been treated with Maxstim biostimulants
A cucumber plant showing a healthy crop of bigger vegetables as a result of using Maxstim biostimulants