Christmas Tree Grower

Award-winning Christmas tree grower based in Ireland

All three types of fir tree cultivated by this Irish grower were treated with Maxstim and observed alongside control samples. A particular sign of successful growth in young fir trees is an increased number of four-cone clusters at the top. The treated specimens displayed significantly more four-cone clusters than their control counterparts, revealing their enhanced health.

In 6 weeks:

  • Enhanced appearance
  • Increased number of cones
  • Vibrant, healthy leaves
  • Taller, healthier trees

Product: Maxstim for Ornamentals

Plants: Nordman Fir, Noble Fir and Korean Fir


No. of applications:
3 applications, 6 weeks apart

Application rate:
19:1 ratio with water

“Maxstim produced some very pleasing results for us. We are looking forward to offering taller, healthier trees to decorate our customers’ houses over the festive period.”

Christmas Tree Grower in Ireland

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