Chlorophyll Study

The Netherlands

A Dutch golf club was concerned about lacklustre, uneven greens and tees. Just 48 hours after Maxstim for Sport was applied, chlorophyll readings were up by an astonishing 49% and the turf looked brighter and more inviting.

In Just 2 days:

  • Major increase in chlorophyll
  • More attractive appearance
  • No more patchy turf

Product: Maxstim for Professional Sports Turf

Where: The Netherlands

Time: May 2013

No. of applications: Two applications, two days apart.

Applications: 20ltrs per hectare

An example of the turf on a green at a Dutch golf club before they started using Maxstim biostimulants

A green at a Dutch golf showing healthy turf after Maxstim biostimulants were introduced

“We are completely blown away by the difference in such a short space of time and now incorporated Maxstim into planned maintenance programme for all the tees and greens.”

Head Green Keeper

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