C&A Farm - Cucumbers

Ontario, Canada

Maxstim Canada carried out a trial on C&A Farm, a small cucumber grower in Ontario. The test was carried out over a 12 week period on one row of cucumber in a greenhouse. Maxstim was applied at a very low dilution, 0.05% twice a week through the irrigation lines. Comparing the number of cucumbers from the treated and untreated rows, the extra from the treated was 592 or 15% increase of grade 1 cucumbers which are any cucumbers over 30cms in length, equivalent to 14,208 cucumbers per acre.

In just 12 weeks:

  • 15% increase in grade 1 cucumbers
  • A total increase of 14,208 extra cucumbers
  • Reduction in other inputs

Product: Maxstim for Salads and Brassicas

Where: Ontario, Canada

Time: April – June 2015

Cucumber plant on an agriculture farm with multiple healthy cucumbers

Examples of cucumbers, one of which is from a plant treated with Maxstim biostimulants and one that is from a control plant

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