Alstroemeria in Colombia

Colombia, South America

A large flower farm in Colombia was looking to trial Maxstim to increase the quality of their Alstroemeria harvest, they were already happy with the levels of production they were achieving but could see more room for improvement around the quality.

At harvesting, the flower beds that were treated with Maxstim produced taller stems and more stems per area. The farmer was impressed with the increase in quality which would increase the marketable value of his crops and also pleasantly surprised by the extra stems produced.

Results from trial:

  • 11.4% more flowers
  • Higher quality harvest
  • 14% increase in turnover

Product: Maxstim for Ornamentals


Colombia, South America

Application rate:
Initial application of 10L per hectare (3 times) then 5L every 2 weeks

Control Plants

Maxstim plants are taller and have more new growth

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