I was keen to see what Maxstim could do with our Red Chard and Spinach, now we have the results from the trials, the margins look really good. I will continue to use Maxstim in 2017, extending the trials to include our lettuce crop.

Jon Powell, Head Grower at Intercrop

The crop looks very healthy; the cucumbers are hardier and crunchier than the control. The roots look good. Maxstim definitely has a big impact on plant health on this farm. In addition, Maxstim application has reduced the wastage which we’ve seen in previous seasons. I’ll be using Maxstim going forward on my crops.

Jamie DiNiro, Owner of DiNiro Farms

I am absolutely convinced by Maxstim. The plants were faster to grow and were visibly healthier. The yield was 85% more in the treated rows compared to the control. This is a dramatic increase in profits. We can also produce more with less; less ground, less inputs, less labour. Its really exciting for us as a company.

Colin Hill, MD at Valley Produce Ltd

It soon became evident that the tomatoes I had treated with Maxstim were considerably larger, up to 20%, but with no loss of flavour. Earlier and more uniformed ripening was noticed too and general plant health was excellent. Based on the trial results I quickly started applying Maxstim to the whole farm. I’ve noticed Maxstim had a more pronounced effect with young developing plants and with fewer fruit required to get to the 450g punnet size, I’ve already built Maxstim into my budget going forward.

John Jones, Guy & Wright

This plant was dry and weak and now there are strawberries growing. In this field there was nothing, now there is flower and fruit and it feels good to the touch. I was going to leave everything to die, but now look at it. It’s amazing!

Jose Manuel, Strawberry Grower in Spain

We have experienced impressive results with Maxstim and have managed to decrease our time to final harvest for lettuce by one week, which means we will get one extra crop per harvest. From germination to harvest Maxstim has helped us to achieve faster, more successful germination as well as larger, healthier crops.

Charles Herbert, Owner of Redlands Farm in Barbados

I was really surprised that the plants showed new life after two applications of Maxstim. New leaves began to develop once more and the plants looked like a specimen of just three to four months old, rather than nine.

Pepper Grower, Crete, Greece

In just three days, there was a marked increase in the plants' leaf colour and vitality. Previously, I have relied on chemical products to maintain healthy stress levels in my tomato plants. Now, by switching to Maxstim, I can use far fewer chemical products on my crops.

Tomato Farmer, Agadir, Morocco

Using Maxstim increased the root mass of my tomato plants significantly, saving my crops and ensuring a high, profitable yield. I would recommend it to anyone.

Mr Liontakis, Hydroponic Tomato Farmer, Crete, Greece