I was really surprised that the plants showed new life after two applications of Maxstim. New leaves began to develop once more and the plants looked like a specimen of just three to four months old, rather than nine.

Pepper Grower, Crete, Greece

I have definitely noticed an improvement in my greens since using Maxstim. For this time of year, the pitch marks on the greens are not as noticeable as they normally would be. This can only be because of the greatly increased root mass under the playing surface. When we have addressed the pitch marks recently, there is an audible crunch as you push the pitch mark repairer into the ground.

Gordon Tamblyn, Course Manager, Mullion Golf Course

I could tell during the game that the playing surface was great. There was very little kicking up and kicking out of the turf. Even after the game, the pitch still looked fantastic.

Mel Jones, Head Groundsman, Warrington Wolves

Maxstim has had a significant impact on our plants. Initial trials showed very clear differences within days of planting. The treated plants grew faster, filled the pots quicker and budded earlier. The flowers lasted almost twice as long as the control plants, as their stems were much stronger. Anyone with an interest in growing plants that look healthier, larger and hardier should seriously consider using this product.

Sheena, Horticulturalist, Rouken Glen Garden Centre

After the first two weeks, the plants treated with Maxstim were already looking healthier. They grew larger and had a better colour. Overall, they looked the better plants and sold almost immediately when we put them back on sale. We offer a full guarantee on all our plants and would be more confident with the treated plants being more resistant to any problems that could lead to customers bringing them back.

Colin Barrie, Manager, Caulders Braidbar Garden Centre

Since using Maxstim the course has never looked better and I can’t stop talking about how good it is. I’m amazed at the results and love the feedback we’ve been getting from our members. I recommend Maxstim to all the other greenkeepers I know and will continue to use it wherever I go. Very impressed.

Ian Robins - Course Manager

The roots in the wicket area have developed more than ever before. Not just in terms of depth, but we're also seeing significant lateral development, allowing the surface to take much more wear and tear.

Paul Agar, Head Groundsman, Warrington Sports Club

In just three days, there was a marked increase in the plants' leaf colour and vitality. Previously, I have relied on chemical products to maintain healthy stress levels in my tomato plants. Now, by switching to Maxstim, I can use far fewer chemical products on my crops.

Tomato Farmer, Agadir, Morocco

As we watched the trial progress, everything about the treated plants looked far greater than the control plants. Not only were they more robust, but their colouring and root mass were better too. What also took me by surprise was the weight of the treated plants; they had a much denser mass, which would make them hardier plants in our customers' gardens.

Manager, Gouldings Garden Centre

Just two applications of Maxstim gave astonishing results. Superb turf, perfectly timed for the start of the cricket season!

Richard Dexter, Head Groundsman, Oakham School