We have experienced impressive results with Maxstim and have managed to decrease our time to final harvest for lettuce by one week, which means we will get one extra crop per harvest. From germination to harvest Maxstim has helped us to achieve faster, more successful germination as well as larger, healthier crops.

Charles Herbert, Owner of Redlands Farm in Barbados

We apply Maxstim from day 1 to achieve a boost when propagating cuttings. It produces consistent roots and the end result is beautiful root mass. The plugs are perfect and exactly what we need.

Wim Oudhuis, Assistant Grower at Quiks Farm

My intention is for Sparta to be seen as having the best playing surface in this division. After the damage caused by our anniversary celebrations I didn’t know whether it would ever recover. Working with Maxstim has completely restored the pitch and the planned on-going treatment will realise my ambition.

Jur van Veen

Since the renovations, we're using Maxstim as part of our normal maintenance routine. The pitch is growing, looking and performing really, really well, and I'm putting that down to Maxstim, as it's the only thing that I've done differently this season.

Dan Duffy, Head Groundsman, Swansea City FC

I'm amazed at the difference in root growth. No other product has given us the results of Maxstim and the course has never looked so good! The roots have surpassed all my expectations, the sward is greatly improved and the grass has gone from tired looking to vibrant and lush.

Chris Locke, Cathcart Castle Golf Club

We always aim for deep roots, as we know the roots will shrink come the wintertime; our target is to have a root mass going into the winter of plus 150mm. This should give us the platform we require to take the plant through the colder months. Since using Maxstim we’ve seen a significant improvement in the root mass. The roots are very thick even deep down at the base.

Luke Jenkins, Head Groundsman, Parc Y Scarlets

I will be able to take cuttings sooner from the plants that have been treated with Maxstim and at least double the amount of plants for sale. Not only that, we will be able to sell the stock much quicker and for a higher value. I have no hesitation in continuing to use this product in the future.

Rosie Jackson, Nursery Manager, Arley Hall

We turned to Maxstim as a last resort and were so pleased to see a vibrant, healthy green after just 2 applications. The core samples showed a vast increase in root growth and the turf was greener and much more resistant to the damage we suffer from a local deer pack. We now use Maxstim as part of our green maintenance programme.

Rob Welsh, Instructional Associate at KPU School of Agriculture

Desso pitches struggle with root depth because of the sand substrate. So it was great to see Maxstim driving the roots down so quickly. Really pleased.

Greg Bolton, Head Groundsman, Madejski Stadium

The plant is healthy, vibrant and crunchy - and the colour is fantastic! Maxstim has done exactly what I needed it to and my only regret is not having started using it earlier. I’m well happy!

Pete Ashworth, Head Groundsman, Preston North End FC