Maxstim has played a big part in thickening the foliage and we've noticed fewer divots too, enough scars to keep us busy but the decline in divots is noticeable. Maxstim has become part of our pitch regime both here and at our training facilities. I would recommend Maxstim and am looking forward to seeing the results next season from seeding.

Phil Fifield, Head Groundsperson at Fulham Football Club

It soon became evident that the tomatoes I had treated with Maxstim were considerably larger, up to 20%, but with no loss of flavour. Earlier and more uniformed ripening was noticed too and general plant health was excellent. Based on the trial results I quickly started applying Maxstim to the whole farm. I’ve noticed Maxstim had a more pronounced effect with young developing plants and with fewer fruit required to get to the 450g punnet size, I’ve already built Maxstim into my budget going forward.

John Jones, Guy & Wright

Our field trial results on blueberries show that we can get the roots to develop much faster, nearly doubling the yield over five years. It’s not all about the yield – the berries are more uniform, larger, better quality with significantly higher brix values and a longer shelf life. All in all, using Maxstim means growers will achieve a very significant increase in profit. Every grower will want Maxstim.

Peter van Dijk

I am absolutely convinced by Maxstim. The plants were faster to grow and were visibly healthier. The yield was 85% more in the treated rows compared to the control. This is a dramatic increase in profits. We can also produce more with less; less ground, less inputs, less labour. Its really exciting for us as a company.

Colin Hill, MD at Valley Produce Ltd

Since introducing Maxstim we have noticed an increase in chlorophyll levels and the roots have developed in both depth and mass.

Vincente Alpuente, Head Groundsman at Villarreal

Our No. 5 green has gone from one of our weakest to the best! Yes the weather is better and all the greens are in a better condition overall but No.5 is positively gleaming! Even staff are commenting on how much our historically “worst” greens have improved. What a superb recovery from an extremely wet period! So… we’re now using Maxstim fortnightly and I’m delighted to see that all of our greens and tees are going from strength to strength.

Simon Crawford, Course Manager

We were able to get the pitch ready a week earlier than we’d anticipated, which was a record for us. The playing surface looks fantastic, it has a real green, lush look to it and I’ve noticed how Maxstim has helped ‘bulk’ the growth out. I’ve continued to apply Maxstim early season and we use it monthly in our maintenance programme. We’re really very pleased with the Maxstim effect.

David Blacknall, Head Groundsman Colchester United FC

This plant was dry and weak and now there are strawberries growing. In this field there was nothing, now there is flower and fruit and it feels good to the touch. I was going to leave everything to die, but now look at it. It’s amazing!

Jose Manuel, Strawberry Grower in Spain

I’ve never seen such a big improvement in such a short period of time; it’s amazing. I never get that much root growth in a whole year!

Lee Evans, Head Groundsman, Millennium Stadium

I love the Maxstim product! It does so much and all from one bottle. It gives me great roots, vibrant healthy plants with great sward and colour. The pitches cope really well with stress and recover very quickly.

Anthony Harry, Head Groundsman - Swansea Training Ground