The reason I have been using Maxstim is that I am very keen on trying to increase the health in the grass, it is vital when you consider the enormous challenges that are placed upon the plant that affect its ability to flourish. I have been particularly impressed with the results I have had with Maxstim in seeing the turf’s ability to control biotic stress in the plant and would go further in saying my turf is visibly much healthier than I have experienced previously. Because of this I will be continuing to use Maxstim on a regular basis on all the playing surfaces that I manage.

Steve Braddock, Head Groundsman

I was keen to see what Maxstim could do with our Red Chard and Spinach, now we have the results from the trials, the margins look really good. I will continue to use Maxstim in 2017, extending the trials to include our lettuce crop.

Jon Powell, Head Grower at Intercrop

Maxstim took 60 core samples throughout all our greens both before Maxstim was applied and afterwards. This gave me a total understanding of the impact of Maxstim upon our root system. I did not expect to see an overall increase of 36% in depth and at this time of year. I am very, very impressed with Maxstim and will continue using it.

Alejandro Reyes, Le Golf National, Golf Course and Real Estate Manager

In 12 days we have nice uniform plants with no waste thanks to Maxstim. We have healthy, strong mother plants. They produce beautiful, strong and lush cuttings, which will yield to a beautiful crop in our production greenhouses. I would absolutely recommend Maxstim to other growers.

Andries Quik, Head Grower at Quiks Farm

After just two applications we were expecting to see a slight improvement to our roots. However we were extremely surprised to see that a significant amount of new white roots had developed in such a short space of time, particularly at this time of year.

Marin Le Cour Grandmaison, Deputy Director at Hippodrome Chantilly

The greens treated with Maxstim had more root growth, we could see from the core sample the roots were being pushed out compared to the control. It also visually shows no signs of stress or disease, which is present in the control green.

Dr Colin Fleming, Principal Scientific Officer at Agri-Food Biosciences Institue

I am absolutely convinced by Maxstim. The plants were faster to grow and were visibly healthier. The yield was 85% more in the treated rows compared to the control. This is a dramatic increase in profits. We can also produce more with less; less ground, less inputs, less labour. Its really exciting for us as a company.

Colin Hill, MD at Valley Produce Ltd

We’ve noticed shorter rooting times, greener leaves and shorter internodes. We also see the benefit of increased yield in terms of being able to produce more product, as the product is moving out faster. Using Maxstim adds an extra insurance to make sure the product is nice and green and healthy for our customers.

Kelly Arendt, Senior Grower at Devan Greenhouses

Maxstim has played a big part in thickening the foliage and we've noticed fewer divots too, enough scars to keep us busy but the decline in divots is noticeable. Maxstim has become part of our pitch regime both here and at our training facilities. I would recommend Maxstim and am looking forward to seeing the results next season from seeding.

Phil Fifield, Head Groundsperson at Fulham Football Club

We were able to get the pitch ready a week earlier than we’d anticipated, which was a record for us. The playing surface looks fantastic, it has a real green, lush look to it and I’ve noticed how Maxstim has helped ‘bulk’ the growth out. I’ve continued to apply Maxstim early season and we use it monthly in our maintenance programme. We’re really very pleased with the Maxstim effect.

David Blacknall, Head Groundsman Colchester United FC